Goodbye Email MarketingThat’s it. I’ve had it. I’m officially boycotting all email capture, lead generation, link bait, email marketing crap. I’ve cancelled my email marketing accounts and I’ve eliminated all of the forms from my website (if you find one I missed, please let me know).

Why did I do it?

Because it annoys you (the reader) and it does absolutely nothing to help me or my business.

But what about all those stats they tell us how important lead generation and email capture are for sales? Let me tell you a little something about stats:

“79.4% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” ~ Anonymous

If you want to talk to me, send me a message. Want a quote? Ask me for one. Have a question? Ask me. Want to vent something? Tell me. No more jumping through hoops to reach me — plain and simple, you want to talk to me then talk to me.

So now when you visit my website, you’ll see my email address. You might find a button or two that read “Book me” or “Quote me” – and those will open up an email so you can send me a message directly. Yes, directly – to me, no one else. I’m the one sitting behind the computer answering emails. It’s me, not a robot, not an offshore contractor, not a virtual secretary. It’s me.

I very strongly believe that we’re in desperate need of simplifying things now that we’re online. In all our efforts to makes things easier, we’ve overcomplicated everything. It’s insane. I can’t even cancel a service online without going through 7 or 8 steps to verify that I’m sure I want to quit. Why? So that someone in the retention department can collect all that data for months on end, then download it all into a spreadsheet, submit it to the head honcho and justify their position within the company.

It’s all complicated job-justification busy work.

Am I slamming all things automated? Not at all. I know there is a need to collect data (sometimes). I know there’s a need to automate certain things (sometimes). But I also know that somewhere in all this mess of social media, smartphones, tablets, snap chatting and text messaging, we’ve become the most anti-social group of shut-ins in the history of mankind.

That’s why instead of offering a huge reward to anyone willing to give me their email address (so I can blast them repeatedly with unwanted crap) in exchange for some over-hyped how-to guide or secret get rich quick scheme, I’m flipping to the complete opposite.

If you have a true interest in what I have to say or the experience and knowledge I have to share, then reach out to me directly. Email me at or tweet me @aimee_beck or on Instagram @iamaimeebeck or on Facebook at /BeckSEOCopywriting. It doesn’t matter what channel you use – I’m all over the place. The key is to send me a real message – from you to me. An actual connection to say ‘hey I’m real and I’m listening to what you’re saying.’ NOT to say, ‘hey can you please read this and then buy that?’

That’s what I think businesses are missing today. A connection – person to person. Instead of talking AT people trying to sell them stuff they don’t need, what if we connected with people we find interesting and people we have things in common with – and if we strike up an actual conversation, wouldn’t that naturally lead to sales down the road? Whatever they may be … a cottage rental, doggie life jacket, android box repair, firewood delivery, mechanic, underwater MP3 player, mountain bike, you name it … these are all things that began as a conversation and led to me making a purchase within the last year. I’m sure there are more, but you see the point. I didn’t buy any of this stuff because someone spammed me with a generic email. And neither should you.

Let’s stop all these unnecessary steps to get from point A to point B — let’s just be open and honest and get straight from A to B. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s keep it real.

I’m not easily offended, so tell me: do you agree or disagree with me? Let’s talk about it