Sheri Copplestone

“I am all about Empowerment, Education, & Excitement!”

As a respected speaker, advisor, leader and connector (and Empress of her own universe!), Sheri’s life motto is: I try to make everyone’s life a little bit better for having met me, even if it’s just a SMILE! Remember, no one gets out of here alive! LIVE OUT LOUD!

As if being the leading lady of her life and empress of her universe don’t keep her busy enough, Sheri spends her days focused on three primary ventures: Channel Your Inner RedheadCompany of Women and ASC, The Agency of Sutherland & Copplestone (ASC4Business).

Introducing our first ever Leading Lady of the Month…
Sheri Copplestone

Even with her busy schedule of networking, speaking and connecting, Sheri still finds time to inspire women from all walks of life. We asked Sheri to tell us a little bit about what it’s like to be the leading lady of her life. Here’s what she said…

Aimee: Clearly you are the Leading Lady of your own life. Have you always felt this way?

Sheri: Yes, as long as I can remember (right back to before 5 years old), I’ve been encouraged and supported to stand up for myself, be independent, and make my own decisions (a dual-edge sword, much to my poor mother’s chagrin).

Aimee: Looking back at your life’s work thus far, what are you most proud of?

Sheri: Although I have always been strongly supported throughout my life, most of my major accomplishments have been done through my own personal grit, determination and perseverance. I have been financially independent and responsible for all of my life choices & decisions since age 17, when I first lived on my own. I’ve had plenty of “learning” experiences but I also got to share in the excitement and pride of my personal successes as well. However, if it was not for the support and encouragement of those around me, I wouldn’t have the belief in myself or the confidence to trust that I could do it!

Aimee: What is the lesson that has taken you the longest to learn?

Sheri: You can be “understanding to a fault.” Understanding allows you to be more accommodating, but also give permissions to others that maybe they don’t deserve. Blame it on being positive and always looking for the good in others (no matter how consistently they do the wrong things). A hard lesson, sometimes even a painful lesson personally, but one I’m going to keep learning because I won’t give up faith or trust in the inherent good of people.

Aimee: Who has inspired you along the way?

Sheri: My mom! This woman experienced and accomplished more by the time she was 29 years old than most women twice her age. She survived two divorces, the lost of a baby, and held three jobs to support her children. She just kept going, with a smile on her face, and giving us the love/support we needed to be successful in our lives.

Aimee: What’s your definition of success?

Sheri: Being the best I can be and take as many people with me as I possible can. I’m extremely competitive, however it is with myself. I’m always trying to build the bigger, better, badder mousetrap but that is for my own personal goals & vision. No matter how big & lofty the goals are for myself, my true measure of success will be based on how many people cross that finish line with me.

Aimee: If you could give your adolescent self a single piece of advice, what would it be?

Sheri: You got this girl! You’ve always had this!

Aimee: What motivates you to push through challenging times?

Sheri: One foot in front of the other… no matter how bad, how sad, how debilitating, or when I no longer think I can go further, all that is left for me to do is one simple step forward… one foot in front of the other.
I’ve walked through plenty of fears, hangups and personal stalls, but I kept walking and it was by my movement that I was able to go in, through and pass that challenge and move on to something better.

Aimee: What’s your greatest fear?

Sheri: To lose my spark. I have a spark inside me that burns – sometimes brightly, sometimes it’s just a pilot light – but it burns! If I lost that, I’m not sure what I would do. I see people who have extinguished their spark and it makes me sad. When that happens, we need to reach out and use our spark to help light someone else’s.  Hopefully they would do the same should it happen to you.

Aimee: What do you know for sure?

Sheri: There is more than “this”!  Who we are, what we do, will always be bigger than “us” and what we can imagine. It is the butterfly effect – every action, word and interaction has an impact on those around us. I  try to make everyone’s life a bit better for having met me, even if it’s just a smile. We all need to leave a positive imprint on this world while we are here and long after we leave.

Aimee: Finish this sentence: Future Leading Ladies need…

Sheri: … to Stand Out! Speak Up! Step Forward!

Thank you, Sheri, for taking the time to share your story. You inspire me every day, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to pass your inspiration along to others.

And to everyone reading, take what resonates and toss the rest. Then stand strong and be brave enough to become the Leading Lady of Your Own Life!

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