Leading Lady: Sammy LagiorgiaSammy Lagiorgia is mostly known for sharing her personal life through the internet as a public figure. She has recently been studying in the beauty industry and is working on building a beauty business. The past 5 years have been a struggle for her, juggling education,emotional breakdowns, and overall trying to figure out her true personality.

It’s our pleasure to support and encourage Sammy on her journey! Here’s what she had to say about being the leading lady of her own life:

Aimee: Have you always been the leading lady of your own life?

Sammy: I have not always been the leading lady if my own life,sadly. I was in a dark place at a point in my life and luckily I got through it just by taking action And becoming a leading lady. So overall no, I have not always felt this way.

Aimee: Looking back at your life’s work thus far, what are you most proud of?

Sammy: Emotionally, I am most proud of being able to detach myself from little problems that don’t deserve my attention. Releasing my stress, and learning to believe in myself and my dreams.

Aimee: What is the lesson that has taken you the longest to learn?

Sammy: Its been hard for me to learn that things don’t always go as planed, which is hard for me because I love to plan out my future (haha). However I’ve accepted also learned that you get what you put in (you must work hard and hustle for what you want).

Aimee: Who has inspired you along the way?

Sammy: My mother has greatly inspired me she’s always been beside me to help me out and give me advice. I really appreciate her giving me such inspiration and little words of wisdom.

Aimee: What’s your definition of success?

Sammy: Happiness. I just want to be happy all day every day (and yes I know that sounds a little cheesy). I feel like money and materialistic things might physically define success but I believe if you have a heart of gold and you are happy, then that’s when you are truly successful!

Aimee: If you could give your adolescent self a single piece of advice, what would it be?

Sammy: Don’t worry about other people. As a teen I spent most of my high school years worrying about what kids would think of me. Sometimes I STILL think of what other people see in me,but I try and push those thoughts away because I know my opinion is the only one that matters.

Aimee: What motivates you to push through challenging times?

Sammy: God. I’m very religious and yes again this might sound cliche, but I really do get through the challenges in my life by having a strong relationship with God. And when I need a little more help I watch motivation videos just to remind myself that I’m not alone In challenging situations.

Aimee: What’s your greatest fear?

Sammy: I have a huge fear of failure. I’ve always been outgoing with my dreams and when I enter depressions it feels like I’ve failed at life,which now that I’m feeling positive,I know that isn’t the case. I am just afraid that I’ll let myself down and won’t accomplish the things that I want to accomplish.

Aimee: What do you know for sure?

Sammy: I know for sure that I am going to make myself proud!

Aimee: Finish this sentence: Future Leading Ladies need…

Sammy: To work hard and dream big and accept themselves for who they are!

Thanks Sammy for tsharing your personal story. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to pass your inspiration along to others.

Stay strong, everyone, and become the Leading Lady of Your Own Life!

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